Artist Release Cat# Year Type Tracks  
Palindrone Acid Trips Forever ILL008 2008 EP 6 BUY
Mk05 My Neighbours Don't Love My Noise At Late Hours ILL007 2006 LP 10 BUY
Space Kick Propaganda Ufo Are Uber Tulpas ILL006 2005 EP 6 BUY
Synapsick Have You Seen My Head ILL005 2003 LP 10 BUY
Mk05 Cucumbers For Vegetarian Girls ILL004 2002 LP 15 BUY
Pulsar Tunas Have A Polarity ILL003 2002 LP 15 BUY
VVAA Sanity vs Insanity ILL002 2002 LP 9
VVAA Try to communicate ILL001 1999 EP 4